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Thank You for Your Interest

AvenueB is a program designed to increase the participation of students who are underrepresented in Biological Sciences, and those who come from families in which neither parent holds a bachelor’s degree.   

To better serve these high-potential, low-resource students, we welcome faculty and industry professionals (in the Biological Science fields) to become a mentor.  Based on your interests and availability, program staff will pair mentors up with an AvenueB student.  

Mentor Expectations:  

  • Mentoring assignments are for 1 academic year (September – June) 

  • We recommend touching base at least once a month throughout the academic year to discuss career development topics with your mentee

  • Mentors should plan to meet with their students monthly via video conferencing, phone calls, or in person, as able

  • Mentors should expect to spend about 10-15 hours working with their mentee over the course of the academic year 

"Serving as an AvenueB Mentor is highly rewarding, I especially enjoy connecting with students from diverse backgrounds as they navigate their first year on campus." - Elva Dias, AvenueB Mentor

“Mentoring was a fun and motivating experience…The time commitment was manageable and the AvenueB team did a great job of communicating expectations.” - AvenueB Mentor and Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente 

“My mentoring experience with the AvenueB students and staff has been very gratifying. It’s been a joy to provide support and guidance to enthusiastic students interested in the medical profession and help them identify resources as they explore their career paths.” - Rakhshi Khan, AvenueB Mentor