UCD Application Year

Student walking his bike through downtown Davis

Connect with AvenueB!

Apply to UC Davis

  • Apply to transfer to UC Davis via the Transfer Admission Guarantee and/or UC General Transfer Admission Application
  • TAG Applications should be submitted via the UC TAP between September 1-30
  • Notifications of TAG decisions are typically released in Mid-November
  • All transfer students must submit the UC application for undergraduate admission and scholarships, Nov. 1-30
  • Even if you applied for a TAG, you still need to apply for admission

How to Get Involved with AvenueB

  • Submit interest form to get access to
    • AvenueB calendar of events & activities
    • AvenueB Experiential Learning Database
    • Mentorship Opportunities for TAG approved students
    • Summer Internship Opportunities
  • Participate in Campus Visit Oportunities
    • Aggie Transfer Scholars Weekend (ATSW)

Benefits During Application Year

During the last year at Community College, AvenueB students are eligible for scholar awards if they

  • Have been notified of TAG Approval in Biological Science Majors
  • Completed the AvenueB application steps
  • Checked AvenueB box in the UC TAP
  • Engaged in the program workshops and activities while attending community college.
    • Further communication about this award will come directly from program staff

You are Admitted, Now What?

  • Transfer Admission Notifications are usually released in April.
  • Once a student has an approved TAG, applied for Transfer Admission, and has been offered admission, they will be notified via the "My Admissions" portal of their eligibility and opportunity/benefits to continue in the AvenueB program at UC Davis.
    • Students will need to accept their continuation in AvenueB at UC Davis and maintain eligibility criteria to receive benefits.
  • Once you submit a Statement of Intent to Register and accept you continuation in AvenueB, you become a UC Davis transfer student and AvenueB Scholar at UC Davis.