UCD Application Year


Connect with AvenueB during application year

AvenueB students who are in their last year at community college

  • Should apply to transfer to UC Davis via the Transfer Admission Guarantee and/or UC General Transfer Admission Application.
  • TAG Applications should be submitted via the UC TAP between September 1-30
  • Notifications of TAG decisions are typically released in Mid-November
  • All transfer students must submit the UC application for undergraduate admission and scholarships, Nov. 1–30.

Even if you applied for a TAG, you still need to apply for admission

  • Transfer Admission Notifications are usually released in April.
  • During this time students who from AvenueB schools will be invited to apply to continue in AvenueB at UC Davis.
  1. Once a student has an approved TAG, applied for Transfer admission, and has been offered admission, they will be notified via the My Admissions portal of their eligibility and opportunity/benefits to continue in the AvenueB program at UC Davis. Students will need to accept their continuation in AvenueB at UC Davis and maintain eligibility criteria to receive benefits.
  2. Once you submit a Statement of Intent to Register and accept your continuation in AvenueB, you become a UC Davis Transfer student and AvenueB Scholar at UC Davis.

Admitted Transfer Students

AveB Kayaking

Benefits during application year

During the last year at Community College, AvenueB students are eligible for scholar awards if they

  • Have been notified of TAG Approval in Biological Science Majors
  • Completed the AvenueB application steps
  • Checked AvenueB box in the UC TAP
  • Engaged in the program workshops and activities while attending community college.
    • Further communication about this award will come directly from program staff

During this time, UCD Application Year students will also:

  • Participate in Campus Visit Opportunities
  • Participate in a paid intensive Transfer Bridge